Hawkeye Security

Empowering Our Clients with Partnerships and Training

Hawkeye Security is a licensed private security company located in Illinois (119.001413 & 122.001346). Hawkeye was incorporated in 2014 by the same management team that created CLS Background Investigations and Makton Investigations. We are built on a foundation of over 100 years of law enforcement experience on a local, state and federal level.

Hawkeye has a unique approach to corporate and personal security. We accomplish our goals of the best in corporate and personal protection for our clients by forming partnerships and providing the best resources and training in the industry to our clients.

                  If You’re Looking for a Victim…KEEP LOOKING!

“Hawkeye Security’s mission is to train individuals and companies to be ready and prepared, should the need arise, to deal with an active shooter event.” 

Our team of security consultants and instructors have years of experience in all facets of security and police tactics and we have customized that experience to fit the needs of all of our clients. We consult with large corporations, new emerging industries and the everyday individual.

We have created partnerships with “Best in Class” companies that can offer everything from armed and unarmed security to armored transport and highly sophisticated vault systems! We invite you to review our website and contact us for further details on any of our products or services. Welcome to Hawkeye Security and an entirely new way of approaching security!

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